Send Us your song’s easy


Process to send us your songs is detailed below:

  1. 1.You record your favorite hindi song accompanied with music. You may  choose live music, Karaoke or even  point us to an existing You Tube video if the quality is good.

  1. 2. Save your recording in a Windows or Mac format in this naming convention firstname_lastname_songname.mp3 (or other extension)

3. Email your recording to along with your phone number (optional) so we can call you to introduce your song.

  1. 4.There is a media and broadcast fee of $5 that you will be required to pay prior to airing of your song. Do not send us any payment until you receive an email from us asking for payment. We will send you instructions on how to pay.

5. You can pick Hindi songs of any genre.

  1. 6.Recording songs is easy. All you need is a karaoke track and a computer. You can greatly enhance your recordings by using some free software or by using special equipment. If you need help, email us and we will help you enhance your recordings.

  1. 7.If you need assistance with recording your songs email us for assistance. We can assist you with recording, mixing and mastering your songs at a nominal charge

8. We reserve the right to reject any entry without providing any reason for declining to air it.

Celebrity Feedback during special shows:

We give our listeners the opportunity to get their songs heard by Shankar Mahadevan and other celebrities on a regular basis during our special shows. The celebrities will take the time to provide constructive feedback to the featured artists. As you can appreciate, it takes a lot of effort on our part to bring to you these special shows. Going forward, there will be $15 fee charged  to featured artists who receive celebrity feedback on their songs.

Please note that you will be required to pay this fee only if the celebrity provides feedback on your songs.